The road had been abandoned, that much she’d discovered as she’d traveled. Odd things always seemed to happen when her ship docked in places of questionable repute, and this time it seemed was no exception. The world had been mostly silent, no birds or other animal noises, something that indicated perhaps ill-will of a being nearby or perhaps a storm coming in. Still, curiosity had pressed her forward along the lonely road.

Her hand had gone to her gun when she’d caught the faint sounds of a scuffle ahead of her, though they died off long before she’d had a visual on it. Still, her hand hovered on the grip, eyes taking in the scene as she stopped. “I was curious where it led, I was merely passing through,” she noted, glancing the speaker over. “I thought I had heard a scuffle and thought I might help but it does seem you’ve handled it on your own.”

Aliathana eyed the woman warily for another long moment before relaxing enough to start cleaning the blade she wielded on one of the fallen bodies.  The stranger had none of the earmarks of a Bhaalspawn.   The clouds surrounding her were comforting.  It meant she didn’t have to watch this stranger’s death as clear as day.  Different plane probably, the elf supposed.  Most not from Faerun had blurry fates.  

Straightening she faced the woman, still avoiding direct eye contact.  Just because her fate was blurred didn’t mean she couldn’t still be caught by Aliathana’s vision.   “My siblings haven’t managed to learn from the ones that have already come after me.”



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She heard the steps before she saw the person.  Aliathana glanced up from the body before her, doing her best to hide the nausea caused by the blood.  Two bodies lay behind her, one with a throat cut the other with a bloody hole in his chest.

Seeing the traveler, the elf moved out of the way where she wouldn’t trip should she need to defend.  “This road isn’t usually traveled, miss.”


“Hm?” He looked at the girl; clearly, she was new to the city.

“Los Angeles… are you lost, Fraulein?”

"Los Angeles…"  Aliathana murmured, stumbling slightly over the foreign name.  Finally she looked up with a crooked smile, making sure to avoid the man’s eyes.  "Is it that obvious?"  The title he had referred to her as was just as foreign as the rest of him but the tone was recognizable enough.

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She must have wandered further than she had thought.  Most cities were predominately human but there were always a mix of halflings and elves thrown in.  Not dwarves usually.  They liked their tunnels.  But here…nothing but humans and in such strange clothing.  She herself had drawn a good amount of stares from these odd people, especially her long ears.  Hadn’t they ever seen an elf before?

"…I knew that pocket plane was a bad idea…"  She muttered to herself.  Well, she might as well ask where she was.  The blond man nearby would do. 

"Excuse me," her accent sounded peculiar even to her own ears in this land.  "Could you tell me where I am?"


Like all elves she enjoys music.  Bhaalspawn or no, culturally she’s still very much an elf.  Her voice is that of a contralto.  She doesn’t get a chance to sing very often anymore as she’s usually on the road and has to keep a low profile.


Aliathana’s accent is close to that of a British one, the higher class type rather than the Cockney dialect.  For the most part she keeps it faint as to disguise some of her origins unless she’s agitated in some manner, angry, afraid or very very relaxed.  The act slips then.